Star Magnetic Mini Spine Care Tourmaline Mat manufacturer in india

Star Magnetic Mini Spine Care Tourmaline Mat in india

Spine Care Tourmaline is insert with disks of natural no of stones - 258 Tourmaline stones. When the Tourmaline stone is heated, it emits infared rays that penetrate the body 14-15cm. The rays not only benefits the muscles on the surface of the body b ut deeper parts of our body. These rays soothe, alleviating backache or other soreness, stiffness or aches. Spine Care Tourmaline stone has an unusual crystal structure and is unique among minerals in showing pyroelectricity, which means that when crystals are heated they produce a postive charge at one end of the crystal and a negative charge at the other. Highest level of Negative Ion – over 246 on Tourmaline and FIR-8-14 um. Spine Care Deep Penetrating Heat Therapy Healing mats are a superior heat therapy product that is an extremely high quality,highly effective heating mat. Benefits: Ideal for beautification and health care, helps to fight sickness and disease Found to be helpful for kidney, heart, and stomach ailments Prevent intrusion of harmful substances to the body and improves immunity hields from static and electromagnetic waves by releasing healthy far-infrared Produces negative ions which encourage the cells metabolism throughout your body. Tourmaline stones are used for maximum heat penetration and transfer. One of the powerful healing stone, and it also purifies the body and spirit
Product Details:
Material - Tourmaline Stone
Usage/Application - Personal
Description- Joints
Automation Grade- Automatic
Brand - Spine Care