SCT 184 Tourmaline Stone Slimming Belt manufacturer in india

SCT 184 Tourmaline Stone Slimming Belt

The Tourmaline Slimming Belt amalgamates a soothing, acupressure treatment with deep penetrating heat and FIR which help in pain relief. Joint stiffness and improved blood circulation are the two stand-out benefits that the Tourmaline Slimming Belt provides, amongst a sea of other advantages to the body. Tourmaline Slimming Belt therapy helps to build the body’s immune system and has been proven to help alleviate body ache. Furthermore, the Tourmaline Slimming Belt actively helps in loosening fat tissues under the skin (directly on the area of application), and then dissolves it. This is an easy and side effect free method to lose some weight and tone the body. The Tourmaline Slimming Belt dilates the blood vessels in and around the area of application and thereby provides almost instantaneous relief to the muscles around the lumbar area as well as the spine. Regular and careful therapy increases the level of oxygen in the blood and helps in enhanced provision of nutrients to tissues. Salient features: Relieves general body ache and is effective against acute back ache Improves joint mobility and boosts overall metabolism Drastically reduces inflammation and swelling Reduces local fat pockets which may lead to up to an inch’s loss in weight
Product Details:
Material -Tourmaline stone
Color -Brown
Model Name/Number -SCT 184
Warranty -2 years
Benefits - loose fat
Brand -Spine Care
Number of Stones - 184