best massage chair in uttar pradesh

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We have very good business relations with them which profits both of the sides a lot. With a vision to be the market leader in lifestyle equipment’s, we embarked on our journey in May 2016 & launched the brand in July 2016 with innovative products which include Massage Chairs, Back Massagers, foot/calves/knee Massagers, Eye Massagers, Hand Massagers under the brand name ‘Spine Care Medical Instruments Private Limited’. In-depth analysis & knowledge is been exercised by our leaders in procuring high-quality products from direct sources to keep control over cost and quality.

It has helped us to provide an innovative & complete value for money product to our customers. In addition, we have a specialized warehouse and service center with all required facilities for storage and a seamless transport facility to supply the products effectively and efficiently to our esteemed customers in the shortest possible time. Moreover, each and every product undergoes a strict quality check by a thoroughly professional team at various levels who in turn ensures that a product should be defect-free before it reaches its final destination i.e. our valuable customer. Appropriate coordination is being put from top of the line to each and every level which has helped ‘Spine Care Medical Instruments Private Limited’ to establish itself as a complete value for money brand in the market. We ourselves make our products in the quality that will provide you the best massage experience. Feel free to call us, text us, reach us, or squash our mails with your enquiries. We are happy to revert.