V3 Thermal massage bed Thermal massage bed manufacturer in india

V3 Thermal massage bed in india

The V3 Thermal massage bed(Korean Jade Stone Bed) with advance new technology like 3D & Intelligent Spine Scanning Back Lifting System, Special Breathing Programs. Heavy duty Automatic 4 jade stone rollers Bed with one projector between 4 rollers. Music System has two speakers left and right. 3 lifting motor has copper wiring Coil Carbon fiber heat panel on back and leg.
Characteristics Intelligent Spinning scanning feature.
Automatic Back lift till 135 degree
Stereo music system with USB slot for pen drive.
9 jade stone ball projector
3 jade stone ball projector
9 modes with 12 programs, 3 programs are Manual and 9 programs are automatic.
Far infrared therapy
LCD Display in the remote.
Smart Design bed.
Use minimal space.
100% Pure form of natural JADE STONEAPMS (Advance projector moving system) Product Details:
Material Type -Aluminium
Color -Black,White
Gross Weight - 75 kg
Material - Aluminum, Foam
Brand -Spine Care
Size Of The Table -6 feet
Net Weight - 85 kg
Packing -2 box
Power Consumption -220W
Temperature -65 deg C
Capacity - UP to 180 kg person